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Product Details

Name Red Lentils
Scientific Name Lens culinaris
Other Name Masoor Dal, Pink Lentils

The red lentil is a fluffy annual plant of the legume family, cultivate for its lens-shaped seeds. It is about 40 cm (16 in) tall and the seeds grow in pods, usually with two seeds in each. Lentils have been part of the human diet since the aceramic (pottery nonproducing) Neolithic times, being one of the first crops domesticated in the Near East. Archaeological evidence shows they were eaten 13,000 to 9,500 years ago.

General Specifications of Red Lentils
Moisture 14-15% size:4-5mm
Admixture 1%
Impurities 1%
Color Crimson red colour
Size 3-5mm.

(*The general specifications mentioned for the product are typical in nature. It can actually differ or can be procured as per customer requirement.)

Lentils are tolerant to drought, and are grown all over the world. Latest reports say that the world production of lentils for calendar year 2009 was 3.917 million metric tons, primarily coming from Canada, India, Turkey and Australia.Lentils are used throughout South Asia, the Mediterranean regions and West Asia. With about 30% of their calories from protein, lentils have the third-highest level of protein, by weight, of any legume or nut, after soybeans and hemp. Proteins include the essential amino acids isoleucine and lysine, and lentils are an essential source of inexpensive protein in many parts of the world, especially in West Asia and the Indian subcontinent, which have large vegetarian populations.

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 1,477 kJ (353 kcal)
Carbohydrates 60 g
Fat 1 g
Protein 26 g
Vitamins In %
Thiamine (B1) (76%)
Riboflavin (B2) (18%)
Niacin (B3) (17%)
Vitamin C (5%)
Packaging  detail

Packing: 25kg/Woven PP. bag, 50kg/Woven PP. bag.

(*Custom packaging can be provided on customer request or in special conditions.)

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