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Buddha Global is a global merchandiser, distributor and promoter of commodities and consumer products.We are connecting the producers and the markets; while ensuring lasting prosperity and sustainable supply at both ends. We, as participants in the global trade, understand our responsibility towards all stakeholders including our clients, suppliers, distributors, employees and mother earth; and are working on one of the world’s biggest challenges – how to ensure food, energy and resource security for a growing population in a sustainable way.

Buddha Global is built for the long term and is strongly established on sustainable fundamentals. Relationships fostered and sustained with our clients over a period of time; serves our aim to add vital value for the client by deeply understanding them and their ecosystem. We believe in creating and passing- enhanced value, enhanced wealth and enhanced goodness with each transaction.

Buddha Global is continually evolving to adapt to the changing landscapes; by increasingly deepening our knowledge and anticipating the dynamics of the next decade. Our diversified activities span the value chain aiming to get the right resource, to the right people, at the right time.

Partner with us to benefit from our deep and established distribution channels and sourcing networks in one of the biggest markets in the world. Our well established network can open a world of opportunities for your business.

Buddha Global deals in Rice, Wheat and Pulses and mill processing in foodgrains.

We welcome you to connect with us for your requirement or just a trustworthy counsel!